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About Us

Body Rafting Alcantara is a friendly, cool, fun and professional team, our knowledge of what lies under the surface of the Alcantara River has no equal, We know the lease of every single rock we encounter along the way, Bottom line: We are the best out there that is it end of the story.

Our company was born from the passion of Ivano, a glob trotter who practiced outdoor activities practically all over the world and Vera a naturalistic photographer that does not have fun unless there is a ton of adrenaline in it. Over the years, we have created a team of young top-level river guides and developed inalienable work criteria, such as: safety, friendiliness, professionalism and a manic precision for details - every great thing is well done thanks to so many small details.

"Often we say that we have reached our goal when the person arriving as a client leaves us as a friend."